Today is the first day I am no longer a respectable employed person.

After 7 years with MediaCorp as a Deputy Editor of magazines, a radio DJ and talk show host, and a TV producer with Channel NewsAsia, I left all that behind yesterday.

Today, I return to my True Love. And how uncanny: It happens to be Valentine’s Day.

So what do I do on my first day of liberation?

I decided to go for a morning walk along the coast of Labrador Park to Marina @ Keppel Bay, partly to break-in my new pair of running shoes, but partly too, to see my Singapore through new eyes.

You see, yesterday, MyTravelGram (a travel community on Instagram) inducted me as member of their “by invitations only” MTGang.


Truth be told. I am a MTG addict. Only because seeing these amazing travel photos uploaded by people from around the world is sanity in my insanity.

And I realised one thing too about the people I follow faithfully: They all post photos of their hometowns, home cities, and countries of residence, and tagged their posts #travel #wanderlust #mytravelgram.

How brilliant. Because to the rest of us looking in, it is #travel #wanderlust.

And let’s face it, who better to share about Boston than a Bostonian?

This was an epiphany for me.

And so today, I decided to be a tourist in my own country; to be the pinhole through which others saw my world.

Reflections and Ripples.

Reflections and Ripples.

Did you know that the architect behind Reflections @ Keppel Bay, Daniel Libeskind, is also the man who created the master plan for the World Trade Center Memorial in New York City?

Tranquility feeds the soul. (Location: Marina @ Keppel Bay)

Tranquility feeds the soul. (Location: Marina @ Keppel Bay)

Beyond the flowers... Cable cars to Sentosa.

Beyond the flowers… Cable cars to Sentosa.

And so, my journey begins from which I can’t see the end.

The only thing I know is that I will be true to myself, I will only do what I love, and I will give of myself with what comes most naturally.

Write. Take photographs. Travel. Converse with people. Tell stories. Share. Give. Inform. Empower.

Let’s see where this new adventure leads.