I believe that for a writer, the act of writing is as close as it gets to being made in God’s image.

Never for a moment have I believed that that Bible verse meant I “looked like” God – unless God was a woman.

To me, it means two things: I have free will. And I have the power to create.

I’m constantly amazed by my friend Corrinne May who writes such beautiful songs. And this artist I chanced upon on Instagram called Charmaine Olivia who is completely self-taught and creates all these amazing paintings.

Then there are the choreographers, architects, photographers, chefs etc. who possess this amazing power to create something from nothing.

These physical things never existed until they drew out something from deep within them and put it out there.

From dances to buildings to gourmet dishes… Their creations would never have existed if the creator never existed. Yes, it’s that powerful.

To me, it’s the same for writers.

Writing is Creation.

Writing is Creation.

When we put pen to paper, and watch as the ink flows to etch markings on a blank white page, it’s creation.

Novels are born. Poems. Plays. Movies. Stories.

And this power to create is the same for everyone. No one is excluded.

According to Sir Ken Robinson, author of the New York Times bestseller The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything, intelligence is diverse and unique for every individual.

And so, the thing is to discover how you are uniquely intelligent, and then from your Element, to create.

And to never stop creating.