Some words just have a way of wooing you; even seducing you.

They are like a curious translucent pool of deep purple… luring you in, drawing you closer, compelling you to just lean over to catch a glimpse of what lies deeper.

The first word that had that profound effect on me was Serendipity.

11 letters,  5 syllables, almost randomly strewn together. But oh, the depth of that one word! You could spin a million magical tales with it.

No dictionary or thesaurus, in my opinion, can ever do justice to its semantics. It can only be fully understood, and appreciated, through stories.

I have always loved words. They fascinate me. I’ll mull over them, repeat them out loud, even slam a book shut because I simply can’t go on. I have to stop and savour.

That’s probably why I’m the slowest reader in the history of humankind. I don’t just read for plots. I read for words.

Recently, another word has surfaced from the bowels of the English language to grab hold of me, and woo me.

She isn’t quite there yet, but she is getting under my skin.

Wanderlust 2


German : wandernto wander + Lustdesire 

When you’ve been on the road continuously for almost a year, going where the wind blows, you quickly realize that the line between “destination” and “journey” is blurred.  

Is stopping overnight at Glenwood Springs, Colorado – along the breathtaking “California Zephyr” Amtrak route – a destination or part of the journey?

Is Madagascar – which lies along the route from Africa to Asia – a destination or just a stopover on our journey home?

I’ve come to accept that everything is journey. And the journey itself is home.

Wanderlust. That word alone encapsulates a myriad of memories and unmarked paths yet untrodden; freedom and fear, desires and apprehensions, happiness and heartbreaks. Past. Present. Future.

It is still, for me, a tangled mess of paradoxes. A blessing and a curse.

And so, I’ll continue to allow myself to savour this word. Because I am leaning over that translucent pool of deep purple, and still I can’t see the bottom.