I’ve done Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages, and “Receiving Gifts” ranks the lowest for me.

I know I’m not a gifts gal because there are still many unopened presents lying around, from Christmases five years ago. *sheepish*

But there are two types of gifts that rank way up there for me: (1) Small thoughtful gifts (especially if handmade), and (2) Geek gifts.

While I’m not a gifts girl, some presents do make me clap my hands in delight and bounce up and down like a silly school girl. Geek gifts.

The cool thing about following your passion is that when your colleagues learn that you are leaving to pursue something like travel writing, they give you travel gifts.


… like this cool travel organiser that allows you to grid your digital devices, personal objects etc. all in a flat case to dump in your hand-carry or backpack. *grin*

This is from my ex-Channel NewsAsia colleague Milton (@miltonsau), who sits opposite me in the newsroom. We’re the sort of pals who snack on seaweed noisily, make Nespresso for each other on sleepy afternoons, and go gaga over fast food order-ins at work.

I love this gift, and I love our friendship.

And then I received this from my BFF Ning (aka ‘Magic Babe’ Ning) last night.


Ning found this pretty little passport sleeve at the National Museum flea market over the weekend. What I love most about it is that it has the word “wanderlust” embroidered on it. It’s my favourite word in the world.

These are simple gifts, but thoughtful and mindful ones. And this is when they speak the language of love to me.

I guess when you leave the safe and familiar, gifts can sometimes be clues as to whether you’ve made the right decision. If the farewell gifts you receive – to set you on that next leg of the journey – make you squeal in delight, you probably have.