Quite recently, I was approached by one of the founders of @MyTravelGram to join an international team of travel bloggers on a soon-to-be-launched travel website.

I have been an addict of @MyTravelGram on Instagram for months, and I’ve re-grammed many of their photos, become online friends with many of the followers from around the world, including a few of the founding members. Such passion!

Well, this founder of @MyTravelGram in Los Angeles started reading my blog and told me that he is as much a fan of my writing as I am of his travel photos sharing site! And he revealed that he’s starting a travel website with another passionate traveler in Australia, and thought I’d be a great addition to their team of travel bloggers.

You know what they say about “birds of a feather”. They flock together.

And having been with magazines, radio, TV news etc., I’ve experienced that for myself. Each group of professionals is unique and the collective vibes, so different. You see it best at mass meetings (we call them “townhalls” at MediaCorp) or even cosy team lunches. The things you talk about, laugh about, the similarities in personalities. Let me tell you, radio DJs and TV news producers are worlds apart!

Right after I came back from my 9-month world travels, I had a reunion with my Psychology Honours classmates, friends I spent a year with at the National University of Singapore. I was amused by the Psychology-tinged jokes and the shared language that springs from shared knowledge. Having left Psychology behind for Journalism, I realized how much I don’t realize these things till I’m out of the circle!

My point being, I love hanging around writers. We speak the same language because we all love words. Most of us are avid readers. And we share beautiful words, quotes and poems we come across with others because good writing makes our skin tingle.

I love hanging around travelers too, because there’s nothing more invigorating than listening to a passionate traveler share his or her vagabonding stories. It sparks my imagination, compels me to update my bucket list, and stimulates me to dream, dream, dream.

So to be part of a community of travel bloggers – albeit virtual, for now – is a dream.


I do sometimes struggle with this though, I have to admit.

You see, I write for a living. I’m a published author and travel writer. And when I travel, I come back with a limited pool of content from a destination. How do I apportion the content to paid travel articles for newspapers and magazines, to my own blog, and then to an international travel blog?

Should I hog my stories to sell purely for money? After all, it’s my bread and butter. Or should I just share freely online and grow an international following? It’s a tough call because what is out there on the public realm can seldom be resold.

So yes, it is a dilemma I think all travel writers who blog struggle with.

But you know what? I don’t like to operate from a space of scarcity.

I think that if you give and share freely and generously, it generates much more good and positivity than if you are stingy about information. So I’ll just go with the flow and trust my instincts on this – because as a Journalist, I have something working for me.

The art of playing with story angles.

Well, I can’t reveal much more at this point because we’re not yet launched. All I can say is that it’s been wonderful seeing how it’s coming together, communicating with the founders – one in LA, the other in Sydney – via Kik.

The world has really become smaller! It’s amazing how I can chat with “virtual colleagues” and collaborators without even meeting them face-to-face. And from that, we can create something together.

And each day, I’m seeing our little team of travel bloggers from around the world growing. What an amazing bunch of people! I hope we’ll gather at some part of the world one day because I’d love to meet them personally.

It’s exciting times… exciting times… Stay tuned! x