There are many precious things in life we don’t see with our eyes.

God. Love. Friendship. Acceptance.

They are invisible to the eye, and impossible to physically grasp. When I was younger, I used to struggle with the question of how I knew God was real. Is there proof?

How do we know Love is present between two people? It is just the words he or she whispers in our ears or declares out loud in a moment of passion? It’s so intangible and abstract. And the same with deep friendships.

People try to prove things with Science, but as a travel writer, I let my travels speak to me and teach me lessons I need to learn.

I am standing at the City Circle Tram station at La Trobe Street in Melbourne just last week, and it was about to rain. The tram station stood in the middle of a bustling street. There was no shelter, and I had just missed a tram because it was packed to overflowing.

While I was waiting for the next tram to arrive – in that 15min pocket of time – a sudden gust of wind picked up the loose leaves on the road and lifted them up into a spiralling dance!

It took my breath away.

In my travels, Nature always speaks – softly and loudly at the same time. She provides me with answers that Science never can, because her answers go straight to my heart, without needing to stroke the intellect.

How do I know that Wind exists?

I have never seen Wind. But it makes its invisible presence felt through its effects: When it picks up leaves and spins them around, rustles trees and makes a field of grass wave; when it caresses my cheeks on a warm day by the beach, or whips my hair against my face on a cold.

It’s the same with God. Love. Friendship. Acceptance.

le-petit-prince2“One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye.” 

― Antoine de Saint-ExupéryThe Little Prince