These words by Mark Twain hit me like a brick wall. I don’t profess to know why I’m born. And it strikes me today that I may never know.

But I feel it shouldn’t stop me from searching. Because if my Maker made me for a reason, then I want to live out that purpose while I’m still here.

I woke up this morning wanting to re-watch a 42min video on the El Camino a Santiago – or the Road to Santiago – with Paulo Coelho, one of my most revered writers.

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The  film traces his 700km walk across northern Spain, a journey that would change the course of his life forever. It was this pivotal journey that compelled him to start writing at the age of 38. And in many ways, it was the journey that revealed to him his life’s purpose.

Coelho has since sold more than 150 million books in over 150 countries worldwide, and his works have been translated into 80 languages.

From his own El Camino a Santiago experience, he wrote The Pilgrimage – a precursor to his international bestseller, The Alchemist.

A copy of this book has been sitting on my shelf for many years.


Perhaps it’s time to finally read it. I’ve always believed that books find you at the right time.

I don’t know where this prompting will lead me. But I do know that in the current circumstances of my life, there is a quiet persistent yearning to know: Why I’m here, and what I’m meant to do in this fraction of eternity that I’m here.

And really, it shouldn’t surprise me that it would be authors who have set me on this path. 

Here is the video. If you decide to watch it, BE OPEN because you never know what questions it raises for you. And isn’t it always about asking the right questions?

“The boat is safer anchored at the port; but that’s not the aim of boats.” 
― Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage