It’s so easy to fall into discouragement. A little remark by someone. A flash recall of better times. A diminishing bank account. A foreboding feeling that your future – once filled with possibilities – is fast fading.

I am at a point where work and personal concerns have collided: An amalgamation of new fears and old regrets, of uncertain things made certain and certain things made uncertain, and of isolated events being drawn together from all directions to form a growing ball of negative energy.

In the words of Shakespeare, “When sorrows come, they come not in single spies but in battalions!”

It’s so easy – in a space like this – to think of returning to what is safe and familiar. To let go of my dreams, to throw my hands up in surrender, and just escape quietly through a back door.

But this morning, while queuing up to buy breakfast at a noisy hawker centre, I plugged in to YouTube to catch up on channels I subscribe to —  just to kill time — and heard this:


Just two days ago, I subscribed to Nick Vujicic‘s YouTube channel Attitude is Altitude after he announced at a press conference in Singapore that he was launching a series of 1,000 one-minute clips over the next 1,000 days. I didn’t think I would actually watch them.

Nick Vujicic at press conference 2 days ago, Singapore.

Nick Vujicic at a press conference to launch his book, “Stand Strong”

But I guess it’s true what they say. Nothing happens by chance.

“In life, we can get so caught up in what I wish I had, what I wish was different, and I forget to be thankful for what I have now. Because you’re never going to achieve your full potential in life – and a life without limits – until you actually realise what you have, and do your best with what you have.” – Nick Vujicic 

In that noisy hawker centre, the most unexpected of places, I was reminded to not focus on what I do not have – on what I deem is missing in my life – and to focus on what I do have, now.

And if the Law of Attraction really does exist in this life, then maybe that growing ball of negative energy will transform into a growing ball of positive energy. Because haven’t we heard that…


Today, I am thankful for certain people placed in my life. The mere fact that they are in my life – right now – is reason enough to feel royally blessed. I would be a lot worse off without them!

I am thankful that I am able-bodied and healthy. So if I wanted get healthier and fitter, I can. It’s all a matter of deciding when to start, and then starting.

And I’m thankful that I’ve been gifted with a talent that I can use to make a living. So even if there are months that are drier than others, at least I am doing what I love. And isn’t that something others only dream of having?

So through the good and bad, the victories and disappointments, the successes and failures…

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