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Still, Be Thankful

It’s so easy to fall into discouragement. A little remark by someone. A flash recall of better times. A diminishing bank account. A foreboding feeling that your future – once filled with possibilities – is fast fading.

I am at a point where work and personal concerns have collided: An amalgamation of new fears and old regrets, of uncertain things made certain and certain things made uncertain, and of isolated events being drawn together from all directions to form a growing ball of negative energy.

In the words of Shakespeare, “When sorrows come, they come not in single spies but in battalions!”

It’s so easy – in a space like this – to think of returning to what is safe and familiar. To let go of my dreams, to throw my hands up in surrender, and just escape quietly through a back door.

But this morning, while queuing up to buy breakfast at a noisy hawker centre, I plugged in to YouTube to catch up on channels I subscribe to —  just to kill time — and heard this:


Just two days ago, I subscribed to Nick Vujicic‘s YouTube channel Attitude is Altitude after he announced at a press conference in Singapore that he was launching a series of 1,000 one-minute clips over the next 1,000 days. I didn’t think I would actually watch them.

Nick Vujicic at press conference 2 days ago, Singapore.

Nick Vujicic at a press conference to launch his book, “Stand Strong”

But I guess it’s true what they say. Nothing happens by chance.

“In life, we can get so caught up in what I wish I had, what I wish was different, and I forget to be thankful for what I have now. Because you’re never going to achieve your full potential in life – and a life without limits – until you actually realise what you have, and do your best with what you have.” – Nick Vujicic 

In that noisy hawker centre, the most unexpected of places, I was reminded to not focus on what I do not have – on what I deem is missing in my life – and to focus on what I do have, now.

And if the Law of Attraction really does exist in this life, then maybe that growing ball of negative energy will transform into a growing ball of positive energy. Because haven’t we heard that…


Today, I am thankful for certain people placed in my life. The mere fact that they are in my life – right now – is reason enough to feel royally blessed. I would be a lot worse off without them!

I am thankful that I am able-bodied and healthy. So if I wanted get healthier and fitter, I can. It’s all a matter of deciding when to start, and then starting.

And I’m thankful that I’ve been gifted with a talent that I can use to make a living. So even if there are months that are drier than others, at least I am doing what I love. And isn’t that something others only dream of having?

So through the good and bad, the victories and disappointments, the successes and failures…

Be Thankful Option 01 PREVIEW


I have heard about him, read about him, and I respect him for bringing hope and inspiration to millions. His life is a testament to me that no matter how many lemons Fate throws you, you can make glasses after glasses of lemonade.

Nick Vujicic at this morning's press conference, Singapore

Nick Vujicic at this morning’s press conference, Singapore

But what I did not know about Nick Vujicic (pron. Vooy-cheech) is that he attempted suicide at the age of 10.

He was bullied from a young age, and suffered from loneliness and depression. He hated God then for making him the way he was and was terrified of what would happen to him if his parents weren’t there to take care of him.


Being ‘different’ was already tough enough for this Serb growing up in Melbourne. It became tougher when his family moved to Los Angeles because not only was he the only kid in his school with no arms and no legs, and the only kid in a wheelchair, he also became the only kid in the school with an Australian accent!

“The most common bullying experience is being taunted or ridiculed for being ‘different’ in some way. I’m the poster child for this,” he says in his latest book, Stand Strong, on bullying.

“Most of us are familiar with childhood bullies who threaten to beat us up, make fun of us, or turn friends against us. Adults may experience bullying in the form of sexual harassment or as discrimination based on race, religion, sexual identity or disabilities. Bullies can be your boss, coworkers, teachers, coaches, boyfriends or girlfriends – anyone who abuses his power or position.” 

When I hear Nick’s definition of bullying, it puts some things into perspective for me: Lately, there have been religious leaders in Singapore making discriminatory remarks against pockets of people in the community who are ‘different’. And when their actions were exposed, they tried to turn the tables around to accuse those they attacked for being the ones discriminating against them.

Seriously? When people who are ‘different’ – who have been marginalised or discriminated against all their lives – speak up, they are not discriminating against you. They are standing up for themselves against your bullying.

The media lapped up his every word and questions flowed freely.

The media lapped up his every word and questions flowed freely.

Nick Vujicic is an inspiration to me because despite what he has gone through, he exudes JOY.

And he is unapologetic about attributing it to God and His faith. And while this may seem a little out of place – in theory – in a secular press conference filled with journalists, it was not out of place at all. I did not get a sense of him speaking about God from a place of self-righteousness or a ‘holier than thou’ pulpit. He was coming from a space of love.

During this press conference, Nick announced three projects he’s working on:

1,000 Videos in 1,000 Days

About a month ago, Nick launched a project to put 1,000 messages of hope – each about a minute long – on YouTube, where anyone can access. These are broadcast through 36 YouTube channels in 36 different languages. At this point in time, there are about 30 clips up, and you can expect another 970 over the next three years. One every day. You can access these clips here.

Here’s a taste of it:

A Movie on His Life

Nick also revealed that a movie on his life is in the works, and is scheduled to be released in the United States in 2015. This movie is produced by 10 Elephants Pictures, a film production house he’s set up with some partners. “I’m not sure if I will be acting in it, or if they will use my body and CGI the actor’s head on!” he jokes. “But we do have a budget for a Class A actor and Class A director.” (A little narcissistic though?)

Love Without Limits 

Many people have been asking Nick Vujicic how he met his beautiful wife, Kanae. The couple were married in Feb 2012, and a year later, became parents to a healthy baby boy whom they named Kiyoshi. Nick announced today that his wife Kanae and him are writing a book about their love story.

Nick proposed to Kanae on a boat, and put the ring on her finger with his mouth!

Nick proposed to Kanae on a boat, and put the ring on her finger with his mouth!

The book is entitled Love Without Limits and will be released in the United States on Nov 18. “If you’re inspired by me, I’m even more inspired by her,” he says with pride. “What I’ve gone through is nothing compared to her. She has not shared her side of our story.”

Nick and Kanae with their one-year-old son, Kiyoshi

Nick and Kanae with their one-year-old son, Kiyoshi

I’m excited about what’s in store for Nick. He is the keynote speaker for the 2014 National Achievers Congress in Singapore this weekend, but his talk Success Without Limits has been sold out.

But you can grab a copy of his latest book, Stand Strong, at all major bookstores. Launched here on 15 April, it has claimed No. 1 spot on the Sunday Times Bestsellers List for the past three weeks, and counting…

Truth be told, I have not read a single book of his. But after meeting Nick today, I think I may start with this one.